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The "Bonne-Maman" Soap
The "Bonne-Maman" Soap
The "Bonne-Maman" Soap
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The "Bonne-Maman" Soap

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Bonne-Maman's Juliette soap is made in Belgium. It is a superfatted solid soap composed of natural, organic and homemade ingredients. Our Juliette soap is cold saponified according to Grandmother's recipes, as we do for some black soaps or Marseille soap, but here in Belgium. Soft, frothy, creamy, it's good for your skin and that of your whole family. You can use it as a Juliette soap for the body or the face. With pure organic and precious vegetable oils of sweet almond, coconut and cocoa butter. Without essential oils and without dyes.


A Juliette soap made in Belgium, for whom?

Mixed, for the whole family.


110g. The average size of a 110 g soap is 7 x 7 x 2.5 cm.

Specified concerns:

+ Dry skin
+ Rough skin
+ Mature skin

Smell of Bonne-Maman Juliette's solid soap

Neutral, very slightly chocolatey thanks to the cocoa butter.


Solid soap that produces a soft, silky lather.



What is a cold saponified and surgras solid soap?

To create Bonne-Maman soap in Belgium, we do not heat the vegetable oils that make it up. This is how the soap retains a higher proportion of vegetable glycerin than commercial soaps. It's all good for the skin!
In addition, our soap is "surgras". It simply means that we add vegetable oils or vegetable butters at the end of the preparation. This multiplies the share of glycerin and complex lipids with beneficial properties. In fact, this artisanal manufacturing process allows us to obtain a soap that is soft, silky and soothing to the skin.


Our Bonne-Maman Juliette soap can be used, for example, in the shower or in your bath on damp skin, using your palm or a washcloth. Rinse with water. For the soap to last a long time, avoid letting it stagnate in the water.

If you want to discover all our beauty tips, check back regularlythe "Advice" section of our website .



Contains 90.75% natural ingredients: soaps, even artisanal, cannot be called "100% natural" because, by definition, they always result from a transformation process, in our case, "cold saponification".
Contains 65.76% organic ingredients: the water present in a cosmetic product is not "organic" because it is not an agricultural product by definition. It is likened to a mineral. Some cosmetic products containing a lot of it (which is the case with our Bonne-Maman soap), their final rate of "organic" may be significantly reduced on the labeling, but this does not mean that their composition of ingredients biologics has not been optimized.

The butters and/or vegetable and/or essential oils are carefully chosen by Juliette: they are natural, virgin and cold pressed, 100% pure, extracted without solvent and from Organic Farming, certified ECOCERT.

Natural recipe.

Created with heart in Anlier (Habay), Belgium.


If you want to keep it in your drawers before using it, it is best to leave it in its packaging, away from light and heat. heat.
Expiry date: 18 months after opening.

Your questions

How is our Juliette solid soap made in Belgium?

Our Bonne-Maman soaps are made by us in our workshop in Anlier, Belgium.

They are cold saponified and made from a fatty substance composed solely of sweet almond oil, organic cocoa butter and coconut oil.

What is cold process soap?

Saponification is a chemical reaction between vegetable oils, vegetable butters and NaOH soda which gives soap and natural glycerin. The soda used is sodium hydroxide with the formula NaOH, which is also called caustic soda.

Our recipe is ancestral and follows a table of cold saponification. After preparing the soda with water, we mix this soda lye with the fatty substances.

Then we let our soaps dry for an average of 4 weeks before shipping them to you.

What is a surgras soap?

Our solid soaps have an 8% surgras. This is an excess of oil, called unsaponified, contained in the soap. This fatty substance has not been transformed by the soda molecules and remains in the soap. This surgras nourishes your skin and gives a very mild soap that is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Our soaps have a light yellow color and will whiten over time. This is completely normal since they contain only sweet almond oil and cocoa butter and are cold saponified, hence their light yellow color. Can we change this color? No, because we should add ingredients (dyes) as we strive for simplicity and naturalness in making our products, Skin-friendly.

Our soaps have no fragrance, we do not add fragrance or essential oils.

Why an artisanal soap without perfume?

Our soap made from natural ingredients: organic sweet almond oil, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, water, vegetable glycerin.

Which makes it a very mild and universal soap, without essential oil. It is perfectly suitable for all skin types even pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies and children. Our organic soap is suitable for sensitive skin and contributes to reinforce the hydrolipidic film of the skin thanks to the presence of an 8% surgras.

The glycerin contained in our soaps is not added unlike those so-called "glycerinated" industrial products. It is in fact the glycerin naturally contained in the fatty substances that compose it.

How does a natural soap respect the environment?

This pure vegetable surgras soap is biodegradable. It helps reduce our impact on the environment.

You can use it in nature. However, it is important to stay about twenty meters away from watercourses in order to let the earth, rocks or sand have a filtering action. This will allow a minimal impact on the fauna and flora.

Our gentle soaps are sold in minimalist packaging. We have chosen a FSC-certified recyclable paper banner, from sustainably managed forests.

How is this soap an ecological and economical soap?

When we ship them they are about 4 weeks old. They will continue to dry over time, making it more economical.

In good storage conditions, i.e. in a dry place away from heat and dust, you can keep itfor 2 to 3 years. You can keep it on a soap dish in your bathroom.

But what does our bar of soap look like after 1 year, for example? Well it becomes all white! Even prettier in your interior.

What is the difference between our soap and a so-called "Marseille" soap?

Here are the main differences between our soap and traditional Marseille soap:

- Our soap is made by cold saponification (commonly called SAF) while Marseille soap is made in a cauldron so hot. Compared to the traditional method, our process keeps all the properties of vegetable oils and butters, including their moisturizing properties.

- In the manufacture of Marseille soap, the glycerin is removed at the end of the preparation bringing an exfoliating side, while in ours it is kept cold (which provides more softness and hydration).

- Marseille soap is harder than our soap because it is made in a cauldron.

- Marseille soap forms a cube while Juliette's has a completely different shape.

It is difficult to find real handmade soaps made in Belgium.
For example, there are soaps that do not contain vegetable fats, but animal ones. In the INCI composition, you will find them under the heading "Sodium Tallowate".
Other soaps are made from noodles, this means that the soap maker buys a ready-made soap paste from an industrialist and does not produce its soap in an artisanal way.

What can we do with Bonne-Maman's Soap?

Here are different ways to use it:

Washing the body

It can be used all over the body. You don't need to take a lot to wash well. The easiest way is to take a wet glove and rub it 10 times on the soap. You can wash your body and face completely.

Washing your hair

Also use a washcloth to wash your hair. Rub the glove 10 times on the soap then rub 3 times in a circular fashion on the top and each side of your head. This way you will get enough soap to wash your hair properly.

Please note this is not an industrial shampoo, so remember to rinse your hair thoroughly to prevent it from being too greasy. You can also finish rinsing using a water/cider vinegar mixture (ratio 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar).

Speaking of greasy, if you were using industrial soap before switching to our soap, know that your hair will, for a few weeks, look greasy. This is a normal reaction as your hair is used to the silicones in your regular shampoos. It therefore takes some time for your cuticles to peel off properly to absorb the glycerin.

How to store Juliette soap made in Belgium?

To prevent our soap from melting prematurely, we advise you to keep it on a soap dish away from humidity, so that it can dry between two uses. This means getting him out of the shower if necessary.

Where to find our soap?

You can buy our soap on our website or inone of our outlets.

Which natural soap to choose?

When choosing a solid soap like the Juliette soap made in Belgium, it is important to look at the composition. An indication "Sodium olivate" or "Sodium cocoate" indicates the presence of saponified vegetable oils. Conversely, an indication "Sodium tallowate" indicates the presence of saponified animal fat. In order to choose the most natural and universal soap possible, it is preferable to avoid the use of dyes, perfume or essential oils, which can be allergenic.

What natural soap for very dry skin?

Made in Belgium, our Juliette soap with sweet almond oil, coconut oil and organic cocoa butter has an extra fat of 8% which makes it very gentle for the skin. It is perfectly suited to sensitive skin and we have had very good feedback from our community about its use on very dry skin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Super savon pour toute la famille!!

Chantal R.
Une merveille !

Le Savon de Bonne-Maman est un cadeau pour la peau : doux, onctueux, frais, il laisse une peau d'une douceur incomparable ! Je recommande, testez-le sans hésitation !

Marc Houyoux
Savon bonne maman

Super 5 etoiles

Marianne Hinkels
Super savon tout doux

J’adore ce savon, j’adore sa mousse toute douce , pratiquement plus besoin de lait hydratant 😊
Je l’ai également fait tester à mon mari - un vrai iguane- et résultat: peau beaucoup plus hydratée , donc hyper satisfaits tous les deux

A essayer absolument !

Je l'ai reçu en cadeau et je veux plus m'en passer !
Savon doux et beau !
Merci Juliette