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The Freshness Deodorant
The Freshness Deodorant
The Freshness Deodorant
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The Freshness Deodorant

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Natural deodorant for odorless perspiration. Its deodorant action helps fight the bacteria responsible for bad odors from perspiration, while protecting your skin. It does not prevent sweating.

Without paraben, without alcohol, without aluminum salt, without alum stone, it regulates perspiration without blocking it throughout the day and respects the skin's natural toxin elimination functions.


For whom?

Mixed, universal, unisex, for adults.
This natural deodorant for non-odorous perspiration is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
With essential oils in very small quantities.

Targeted concerns:

+Smelly sweating
+Excessive sweating



Smell of deodorant

The deodorant balm that fights sweat odors has a fresh and light scent, a very pleasant scent of lavender, tea tree and coconut. On the other hand, this smell will not remain on the skin once the deodorant is applied. So it won't interfere with the smell of your perfume. Once applied to your skin, this smell disappears completely.


Semi-solid to solid depending on ambient temperature.


Ice white.

Economical and ecological deodorant!

Its solid format makes it both economical and environmentally friendly. Its duration of use is about 3 to 4 months. You buy less often, so it's more economical and more ecological.

The cute 60g iced glass jar and bamboo cap are reusable. Once finished, do not throw away your jar, just bring it back to us at the workshop or point of sale. Eliminate plastic from your bathroom and take a step closer to zero waste with its recyclable glass jar.

Recycling: garbage

From now on, we offer our customers the opportunity to bring back the glass bottles and jars, as well as the bamboo lids and stoppers in order to reuse them, either:

- in one of our points of sale

- at the Anlier workshop when picking up their new order

Only packaging in perfect condition (no cracks, no knocks or scratches, no broken glass, no deformation) can be returned.


Once a day, take a little bit (as in the picture) of deodorant with the back of your nail previously cleaned. A small peanut of this deodorant per armpit is more than enough to prevent bad odors from perspiration. However, you can adapt the necessary quantity according to the needs, for example if you go to the sport, in the event of stress or strong heats. Then, melt it under your armpits for 5 seconds. To finish, massage gently until the cream penetrates.

If you want to discover all our beauty tips, consult regularlythe "section" Tips" from our website.


Our solid natural deodorant is handmade in our workshop in Anlier from only five ingredients including certified organic vegetable and essential oils. As respectful of the planet as of your health, these five raw materials are biodegradable.

* Fragrant substance naturally present in essential oils.
** Ingredients from organic farming.

Contains 100% natural ingredients.
Contains 60.16% organic ingredients.

The butters and/or vegetable and/or essential oils are carefully chosen by Juliette: they are natural, virgin and cold pressed, 100% pure , extracted without solvent and from Organic Farming, certified CERTISYS.< /em>

The Freshness Deodorant contains in particular food-grade baking soda, which effectively fights bad odors for a long time. For some skin types sensitive to baking soda, repeated exposure (every morning for example) to it, after several months or years of use, may, in rare cases, cause slight redness or irritation under your skin. armpits. If this happens, we advise you to take a break of 2 weeks at the first signs of redness. During this time, you can use any other deodorant, without baking soda. After this little break, you can start using your favorite deodorant again. It's not necessary to put on too much, a mini peanut of Freshness Deodorant per armpit is enough to keep you odor-free all day long!

Natural recipe.

Created with heart in Anlier (Habay), Belgium.


Keep away from heat. Can be placed in the fridge in case of a heat wave.
Use-by date: 6 months after opening.

Its texture, solid to liquid, varies according to the ambient temperature.

In winter or when it is cold

The balm solidifies, this is normal. In this case, you just need to warm it with the heat of your finger. You can also take it using the back of your fingernail for more precision. If it gets too stiff for your liking, don't hesitate to put it in a room where it's 20 degrees, like your bathroom near the radiator, while avoiding placing it directly on it.

In summer or when it's hot

Its texture will be more tender. Avoid letting it melt in very hot weather or in direct sunlight. It is therefore preferable to keep it in a cool place, even in the fridge in the event of a heat wave. If it becomes completely liquid because of the heat, do not hesitate to mix it with a clean spatula just before placing it in the fridge for one to two hours so that you can reuse it afterwards under ideal conditions.

Your questions

Why choose a natural deodorant to prevent bad sweat odors rather than an industrial deodorant?

Certain ingredients used in "classic" deodorants are controversial and we have decided to ban them from our deodorant.

- Aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) and aluminum chloride, better known as aluminum salts, are widely used, yet they are known to be irritants and toxic to the skin. skin. They penetrate the different layers of the epidermis and attach themselves to our organs. They can then cause irritation or inflammatory reactions.

- Potassium alum (or any of its derivatives) is also considered aluminum, an ingredient often questioned in the composition of deodorants.

- Propellants such as butanes, ethanes and other gases increase pollution once released into the atmosphere by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, no studies on the impact on humans have been published.

- Additives such as triclosan, a synthetic anti-bacterial but also recognized as an endocrine disruptor. Or the different alcohols, such as alcohol denat which is an allergen.

How to use our natural deodorant?

The first thing to do is to clean the skin on which you are going to apply the deodorant (feet, armpits, chest, back, etc.). Of course, we can only recommend our soap for that!

Then you just have to take a small dab of deodorant with your fingernail from the jar. Place this hazelnut under your armpit and let melt if necessary before massaging to penetrate the cream obtained. And voila !

Unlike some deodorants or antiperspirants, our deodorant does not block the skin's natural toxin elimination functions. If you make a transition to a natural deodorant for the first times, you can put a little more to reassure you for the day, but you will see that it is not necessary to put more than two grains of rice for it to be effective.

Is your natural anti-perspirant odor deodorant suitable for pregnant women?

Containing only a tiny part of essential oils, it is also suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Does it take time to adapt?

Yes, if you haven't used natural deodorant before, it will take you a few days to get used to the new way of applying our deodorant, with your finger. But you get used to it quickly when you are won over by its effectiveness, like the majority of people who have tried it and adopted it!

What is the active ingredient in our deodorant to fight against perspiration odours?

These are organic coconut vegetable oil, organic fine lavender and tea tree essential oils, as well as food-grade baking soda. These raw materials regulate perspiration and help eliminate bad odors.

How is your natural deodorant made?

Our solid natural deodorant with organic coconut is made in our workshop in Anlier, Belgium.

What essential oils are present in your natural deodorant?

We have chosen two high quality organic essential oils. They are known for their softness and very well tolerated by everyone in our natural deodorant. These are essential oils of fine lavender and tea tree (or tea tree).

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Justine GOMREE

Super produit qui fonctionne super bien.

Dolores Polinard
L'essayer c'est l'adopter !

Déjà ma 3e commande et toujours aussi ravie. Je n'avais pas encore trouvé de déodorant efficace pour ma transpiration. Que trouver de mieux qu'un déo créé à base d'ingrédients naturels et qui sent aussi bon ?

Je recommande les yeux fermés !

Alysson Grandjean
Au top!

J’adore !


Le produit est de très très bonne qualité. Pas d'irritation non plus. De plus, le service après vente est parfait. Soucis avec Bpost pour la commande, directement solutionné avant même que je ne m'en soit rendu compte. Que dire d'autre que c'est parfait. Grand merci !

Giuseppe Scannapieco

Bon produit